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Gone are the days of manipulating search engines through shady on-page tactics or massive link building campaigns. If you want to rank today and keep those rankings in the future, then you must rely on whitehat SEO tactics. Many of the signals used by search engines are a secret, but SEO’s have been able to identify many. A good SEO knows what these signals are and how to best optimize a site for these signals. They usually fall into one of 4 categories. Technical factors, on and off-page factors and website structure. These four categories have a major influence on how well your website will rank. How to optimize your site will depend on your competitors’ strategies. Things to consider:

  1. What optimization have your competitors done?
  2. Where are your competitors getting their traffic?
  3. What keywords are your competitors ranking for?
  4. What link building methods are your competitors using?

The guides below will help you answer some of these questions and much more.

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