Thomas Swisher is the founder and lead SEO Consultant at Structured SEO.

Boise SEO Consulting Services

At Structured SEO we offer Custom SEO Consulting Services for small to mid-size companies. We understand your business has unique needs. We built our Consulting Services around four primary areas Technical SEO, Off-Site SEO, On-Page SEO and Information Architecture.

StructuredSEO Consulting Services

Why our SEO Consulting Services?

As a consultant, we concentrate on complementing your existing SEO efforts by leveraging your strengths and identifying your weaknesses.

Search Engine algorithms include many factors, many of which we can’t directly identify. Each year these algorithms become more complex. At Structured SEO we use tools to track and analyze any effects changes have on your website’s ranking. 

Many of today’s blackhat techniques were considered gray hat yesterday. At Structured SEO we believe that long-term white hat is the only acceptable SEO strategy. There are no shortcuts in SEO.

Our process

Discovery Call

Before we start any project, we want to learn more about you. What is your business and who are your competitors? Have you worked with other SEO Agencies? What are your goals? What are your expectations? Everything we do is above board. We want to ensure that we can deliver the results you expect.

Site Audit

We suggest starting with an SEO Audit to better understand the health of your website. If your site isn’t built on a solid foundation, then it will diminish any work we do. For example, if your on-page SEO isn’t optimized then any link building done will have minimal effect on your ranking.

Some Areas Our SEO Consulting Services Can Help

Site Architecture

Today user experience has a direct impact on your ranking and how well a user can navigate your site is top of the list.

Internal Link Strategies

How your site’s internal linking structure is designed directly affects user experience and search engines ability to crawl your site.

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Keywords are the foundation of your site. Get insights into your competition and learn about new opportunities.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO has a direct impact on your rankings. Learn how to optimize each page for your target keywords and insights into what strategies your competitors are using.

Link Building Strategy

Link building isn’t a one and done event. A good linking building strategy will help your current keywords and give you the ability to target more keywords in the future.

Link Building Analysis

Learn how your current links are affecting your rankings and find out what strategies your competitors are using.

Local SEO

If you are a brick and mortar business or service, local SEO is going to be vital to your success. We can show you where to focus your time and resources.

Page Speed Analysis and Recommendations

Google has made it clear that speed is a ranking factor. We can review your site and help you optimize it for speed.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

In April 2015 Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. If you aren’t mobile friendly, we can review your site and help you get mobile optimized.

What you can expect from us.

Our consulting service is designed to help your company define and meet your SEO goals.  We will suggest ideas, help you create an SEO strategy and periodically review it to make sure everything is on course to meet the goals you have set. We give you the support and confidence to execute your SEO strategies yourself. Your success is in your hands. 

Talk directly to the owner, not a salesman.

Not sure where to start? That’s ok. Give me a few minutes of your time to discuss your current problems and I will help you identify solutions.