About Us

Structured SEO is an SEO Company located in Boise Idaho. We deliver a wide range of SEO services to help our customers grow their online businesses. Our focus is on helping our clients rank for key terms that bring them relevant traffic with the intent of converting. 

Why choose Structured SEO?

Our team has years of experience delivering SEO services to businesses of all sizes.
Every company and industry are different. We customized our services to meet our client’s goals.
We believe in communication and education. What we do isn’t voodoo. We explain the how and why to our clients.
We measure our success by metrics you choose.

We believe building relationships with our clients is vital to our success. Much of what we do revolves around what our clients have done in the past and what they want to accomplish in the future.

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Talk directly to the owner, not a salesman.

Not sure where to start? That’s ok. Give me a few minutes of your time to discuss your current problems and I will help you identify solutions.