Understanding SEO

Many claim to be SEO experts. Thousands talk and blog about SEO that have very limited knowledge of how SEO works. They are just regurgitating things they have heard or read. The scariest part there is just as many that sell their services to businesses every day.

There is a huge difference between reading about SEO and implementing it. Many times “best practices” has unintended consequences. SEO’s don’t always know exactly how search engines are going to react to changes they make. Many times the change creates another problem that must be addressed. Inexperienced SEO’s won’t even realize there is a problem.

The best solution for a business owner is to have a basic understanding of SEO. Every SEO project is different and requires a different set of tools and skills. When outsourcing SEO, it helps to know the right questions to ask. Avoiding a majority of the shady SEO’s is as simple as understanding the basics.

Below you will find a list of articles we have written. We created them to help you understand the fundamentals of SEO. This is an ongoing project; please let us know if there is something that interests you that should be included.

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