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Many potential clients would prefer to work with a local SEO company. Finding a quality local SEO agency can be hard, so we have created a database of quality SEO companies.

We don’t just accept anyone. Our goal is to create a list of local SEO agencies by location. We do everything we can to verify location and quality of service of each company listed in the database.  Filling out this form doesn’t guarantee automatic inclusion into our database.


Qualifications for getting your SEO agency listed in our database.

  1. Submit completed form. This form is your company profile. The more time you put into completing this form, the more likely you will be included. We have added suggestions to help guide you.
  2. Have a physical location. We won’t add a company anywhere they don’t have a physical location. No P.O. boxes, no virtual addresses, etc. We will be reviewing your properties for accuracy using Google Maps, Local Moz, Search, etc.
  3. Add Facebook and LinkedIn addresses. If you don’t have one of these Social Media profiles, we won’t even consider including your company.

What you can expect from us.

  1. We will review the application within 48 hours.
  2. We will notify you of your acceptance or denial. If denied we will include details of why your being denied inclusion into our database at the time and steps you can take to get listed.
  3. Once include in our database we will send a link that you can share with your current/past clients so they can leave reviews. Profiles with reviews will be listed first.
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