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Some thoughts about consultations.

Regardless of what other companies would like you to believe there isn’t a program that crawls your site and tells you to do A then B to get the results you want. It just doesn’t work like that. Some programs can help spot basic problems such as missing H1’s, speed issues, etc.

Please don’t pay for these programs or companies to use them to help you improve your ranking. It’s obvious there SEO capabilities are limited, and there are free programs you can use. Please see the links below.

Your website, goals and current issues are unique to your business. These are variables a program can’t evaluate.

For example:

  • Programs can scan the code on your homepage, but can’t evaluate the structure of your navigation bar and how it might be affecting your SEO.
  • Programs can show the backlinks to your site, but they can’t accurately tell you if they are good or bad links.

What you can expect from our first conversation.

We believe in setting expectations. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you taking a moment to request a free consultation. The goal of our initial call is to go over any issues you’ve experienced and what goals you would like to reach over the next few months.

Some questions you can expect.

  • What problems are you currently experiencing?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your budget?

During the call, we will discuss the best ways to address your current problems and if we think the goals are achievable. We will also consider if we feel we can reach your goals within your budget. If not we will try to help you find a service provider that is better suited for you.

Thanks again for reaching out to us and we will contact you shortly.