Company Description

Nick Ponte is a highly skilled web developer, designer, and marketing expert with specialized skill-sets in a variety of fields. Throughout his career, he has developed high-traffic, high-quality websites that incorporate the best practices for today’s internet marketing. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization has made Nick the designer of choice for anyone looking to get incredible, powerful results at an affordable rate.

Nick has also co-founded several large-scale websites that have generated massive traffic over time, including Offline Sharks and Gift My Ride. Through his dedication and hard work, Nick Ponte has now become CEO of his very own Marketing agency based in Maui. He has worked in tandem with high ranking members of the business world and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and organizations out there have taken advantage of the vast range of services and skills he brings to the table.

Nick Ponte personally directs and oversees every single project that comes through his marketing agency in order to ensure the highest quality and most efficient service possible. Nick and our creative team incorporate the highest level of skill while crafting your website or marketing your online presence. Over the years we have built up a repertoire of abilities in a diverse range of fields so we can work closely with you to turn your site into a finely tuned machine. Our distinguished team offers you the opportunity to increase your business through the creation of powerfully effective marketing strategies, incorporation of best SEO practices, development of your company’s brand identity, and engagement in social media marketing.

We are professionals. Above all else, we hold ourselves to the highest of ethical and personal standards. By working with our team, you guarantee the best possible experience for yourself. Do your website and your company a favor. Call or email us today and take the first step in the right direction to growing your online presence. You can’t go wrong with Nick Ponte Marketing!

Nick Ponte Marketing

Corporate Headquarters
5 Alania Place
KiheiHI 96753
(808) 280-4254

Employees: 1-10
Founded: 2016
Price Range (hr): $50-$150


Search Engine Optimization

Website Design

Lead Generation



Graphic Design

Key Clients

Maui Sales

Krank Cycles

Maui Bike League

Maui Tax

James & Associates LLC

Boys to Men USA